Membership application​ & renewal form

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* Your newsletter will be in partial colour and emailed to you as PDF within the first two
weeks of each due month. If you nominate to receive your newsletter by email you will not
get a hard copy in the post.

There is only one way to pay your Membership Application fee

Please pay by Direct Credit into the Register’s bank account:
Bank: Westpac Branch: Kaiapoi
Account Number: 03-1585-0035448-00
Account: NZ AJS & Matchless Owners Register Inc.

 Please INCLUDE your name in the payment reference field

International Members. Once your application has been received, we will email you the details to enable payment either via PayPal or Swift. Please note newsletters will be emailed to you.

Note. All applications are subject to approval by the Committee.
If, for some reason your application is declined, you will receive a full refund.