"How to" fix & repair your elderly motorcycle

Members (and others) write helpful "How To" articles relating to fixing your Matchless or AJS (or classic or vintage motorcyle). Theses articles appear first in our Jampot Newsletter.

If you have had 'fun' fixing your bike, generator, magneto, re-spoking wheels, etc. and would like to help others when it comes to fixing or rebuilding or restoring their treasured AJS or Matchless or hybrid Matchless/AJS/Norton, or even a Harris Matchless, please do write a guide on How To… Once completed, please email the article, along with a photo or two, to the Editor.

Rally Entry Form Test

Please complete the application form on the right hand side. The results will be emailed to you. Once the 3 of you have completed the form perhaps Alastair can let me know if it works for him.

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