The new membership offer

Thanks to the generosity of Wellington City's Scooterazzi, Motorcycle and Motor Scooter shop, our club has been donated seven motorcycle adventure books.

If you are considering joining the Jampot Club, we are offering, for a Limited Time, the option of receiving a brand new book written by Jo and Gareth Morgan, of the Silk Road motorcycle adventure fame.

The book offer is for NEW, New Zealand based, members of the Jampot Club on a "First in First served" basis. There are only seven books up for grabs. Don't mess around. Fill in the online membership application form, select the tick box, and then head directly to your online bank, so that your fee and application form arrive in the Membership Secretary’s email inbox and the same day.

Please note, no clearly identifiable payment, no book. And there are only seven books to hand out.

If you would like to purchase a book, simply click on the book image to be taken to the Morgan's website.

Backblocks America

Jo, Gareth and their mates cross North America, from Christopher Columbus’ first landfall in the Bahamas to the extreme northwest of Alaska, via the Appalachians, the deep South, Mexico and the Rocky Mountains

Up The Andes

This time Jo, Gareth and their mates transverse the Andes from North to South and from top to bottom. Taking the back roads, they discover the unique and wonderful land that is South America.

Kimchi Kiwis -
motorcycling North Korea

Join Gareth and Jo and their companions as they rattle and splash their way around the Kolyma Highway, the main road of the terrible Soviet gulag archipelago. Experience with them the thrill of riding through North Korea, the hermit kingdom itself.

Gringos Across the Amazon

Climb aboard and hold on tight as they close the loop on the South American continent riding Brazil, across (and up) the vast Amazon River, into the steamy equatorial jungles of Guyana, and out into the seamy dictatorial climes of Columbia and Venezuela.